Tuesday, July 17, 2012

paper flower DIY

I made these paper flowers last year for a window display featuring a monochromatic palette. To add an extra element to the traditional paper flower I used pages from a thrifted book. Don't worry, it was a very outdated psychology textbook from the 70's!
To make this flower you need to cut petal shapes from a book. It works best if you use two different sizes, smaller for the centre and larger for the outside petals.
Curl the top and side edges of the petal around a pencil, then bend the petal away from the curl and tape it around a length of wire which will form the stem. Rotating the stem add more layers which overlap each other using three-ish petals.

Continue to add the larger petals until your flower is the size you like and voila!
You could wrap the stem in strips of paper to make it a bit prettier too. I like how they look inside our thrifted birdcage and they are now a permanent part of our shop display.I think they would work really well dressing a table or as part of a centrepiece too.

Yesterday (Monday) was my weekend so it was back to work today, I hope your Monday was a good 'un!
X Steph