Friday, July 13, 2012

Going home

In exactly one week Mark and I will be making the trip 9499 miles around the world to my homeland. For me it will be my first visit in the seven years since I came to Australia, for Mark it will be his first ever trip overseas. We are both excited as all heck.

We will be spending three weeks in England and Scotland visiting my family and showing Mark as many sights as possible. Our main stops will be to visit my Mum and siblings in Leeds to see some beautiful Victorian architecture.

A visit to my aunt in Bath including a visit to the historic Roman Baths.

A daytrip to see Stonehenge.

A few nights in stunning Edinburgh where I went to art school.

A trip to the wild and beautiful Isle of Skye in northern Scotland.

A relaxing week with family in the traditional seaside town of Whitby

Seriously, how cute are those beach huts!?

I shall be blogging whilst I'm away so you can see more of our adventures and I will also be asking some local bloggers to provide some ace content and DIY's while I'm gone. Yes, I will miss you and plan on sending you postcards!

X Steph