Wednesday, July 18, 2012

giveaway winner

I have a couple of winners to announce, first up is Tabetha the winner of Katies awesome group giveaway. My part of her fantastic prize is to create a custom papercut based on the phrase of her choice... 'Make History'..... what a great starting point! I hope I can live up to the job!

I also have five winners to announce from my 'Kraken' print giveaway held here and on our Facebook page.
The winners are: Gina, Shann, Beth, Aislinn and Luke. Expect your prints in the post soon!

Thank you so much everyone who entered and sent a 'hello'.
Sponsoring Katie at Skunkboy' was a great experience, next time I need a confidence boost I know what to do... there were so many lovely comments posted on her giveaway post! Naaawww... I got me some serious warm and fuzzies!

Thanks again!