Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A hello from the Motherland


In case you were wondering where I had disappeared to I am currently sitting at my Aunts kitchen table in England. I have been thinking about this little blog and dying to share what I have been up to but as my lovely fella has pointed out... I can blog any day, but it's been 7 years since I saw my family and that's waaay more important.
Of course, he is right and you will be very proud to hear I haven't checked the work email account once! (Don't worry, Marcia is still there holding the fort, more capable hands than mine that's for certain.)

What I have been doing is geeking out at ancient stone circles and burial mounds, whizzing around tiny country lanes, gobbling up formation on Roman built structures and drinking lots and lots of tea.

We have been blessed with the most AMAZING weather, after weeks of rain Britain has finally busted out the most magnificent sunshine, there is something so perfect about an English summers day that I just can't describe.

I have been immersed in memories as well as new experiences, I never realised how all my senses would be stimulated by coming 'home'. England smells so different... so fresh and 'green' and the soft sounds of British birds are taking me back to my childhood. And the colour... well, lets just say my kinfolk know how to use flowers... I am overwhelmingly inspired to create window boxes, hanging baskets and cascades of flowers and colour when I get home.

It's so hard not to bombard you with photos so I have selected some moments from the past few days that have been a real highlight. I shall check in when I can, after starting in the Southern county of Somerset, today we head North to my hometown, via Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. My Mum is waiting with 7 years worth of motherly love.

Wherever you are, stay well, stay cool (or warm) and plant flowers!

X Steph