Friday, January 13, 2012

A special little moment

Sometimes things happen in life that make me extraordinarily happy.
Usually these things are, to anyone else, nothing to write home about. A mere blip on the radar. A passing moment. A non-event. Sometimes, they can be so teensy that it nearly passes even you by!
I think you know what I'm taking about... a simple quiet moment with your feet up and a good book or the smell of really great coffee.
Today that happened to us. Red Brick is our baby, we nurse it and nurture it, we pour our love, energy and creativity into making it a space to share, enjoy and inspire. Our baby just took some little and very exciting steps and like any proud mother ducks we are feeling very happy.
Red Brick is listed in Shop Till You Drop magazines 'little black book'... A guide to the very best retail fixes in Victoria. Seeing our little shop mentioned in such great company made me very, very happy. You can find Shop Till You Drop at the checkout in your local super-dupermarket.

So happy. 
x Steph