Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finding a voice

I do love blogging, reading blogs, checking what folks are saying, and doing, and thinking, and making.
I love reading locally grown blogs, and blogs from afar, blogs with words, blogs with amazing images. But what I really love are blogs with authenticity. As bloggers we all know the fine line between the share and the over-share (a personal favourite of mine!), but im also becoming increasinly aware of the under-share, blogs without a 'voice'.
Don't get me wrong, I love looking at artwork, creations and clever stuff, and I love tracking that clever thing down and making a purchase sometime too. What just doesn't ring true to me are the blogs which solely seem to be a platform for an online shop, a pointer to a business with no soul to it, all they seem to say is... "Look at this, buy it here!", "Come here and spend some money!", "your life would be so much better if you owned one of these!"
I have been doing a little soul-searching myself and I'm still learning the balance here at the Red Brick blog, I'm still learning our voice. I have been blogging for a few years as another voice called The Doily. The Doily is an over-sharer, a voice, that (like in me person) gives you just a little bit too much information. I am still meeting people who recognise me via that bloggy forum and I just have to accept that they know a whole LOT about me!... maybe a bit too much! But when blogging you always have to ask yourself the question, "Would I be willing to say that to a complete stranger?" For me, the answer is usually "yes".

So what is the voice of Red Brick? Well it's a duel voice, there's myself, and Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-a, not Marsh-a like the Brady Bunch!) And our voices, like us are very different. So today I have decided to let my voice loose. Yesterday I went op-shopping. I adore a rumage at an oppy and can spend a whole day doing it. Much as I love spending my days creating and chatting at the gallery it doesn't leave a lot of room for this beloved pastime. So yesterday I went oppy crazy and have shared some of my treasures with you today.

I got a great assortment of little treasures, some fabby crochet and knitted blankies for a spot of knit-tagging I have in mind, and a gorge vintage print bark-cloth squishy foam roll. Ah... oppy love.