Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last week was indeed a crazy one, with the madness of the weather there is water, water everywhere. Should you wish to support those affected by the Queensland floods there are some amazing fundraising activities going on of which Ballarat is playing a part. You can donate or bid on a handmade item here, or you could sponsor Ballarat Roller Derby Leagues skate-a-thon in-store at the gallery.
Seeing such terrible events unfolding for many families it reminds me to be thankful and appreciate the little things that are so easy to take for granted. One thing I really love about being at the gallery is that I get to make some fun stuff. Like these cute badges,
 And theses fun crochet brooches.
All this rain has made the garden thrive, I love cutting fresh roses to bring into the Emporium.
 And the great people I got to hang out with on Friday at the opening of Casey Tosh's exhibition.
Caseys' show will be running until Feb 3rd so you can see his work in the gallery until then. 
Here's hoping you get chance to be thankful this week!