Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home is where the heart is

Oh goodness it feels good to be home.
I'm still processing the experience of our sojourn to my home land, there were some great times, some tough times, some home-truths, some inspiring moments, so much to see and do and feel I'm veritably overwhelmed by the whole experience!
I know one thing for sure though.... I have a good life, a rich life and a life filled with people I care about, I life I have worked hard to build and sometimes forget to celebrate. So raise your glasses and lets toast to living the dream. I am one lucky, lucky lady, and my home and heart are right here in rainy Ballarat, Australia.

So often in blogland you see apologies for absence, for not updating often enough. Like a teenage journal so often we recriminate ourselves for not documenting in writing because we are too busy living. I feel a little of this right now and so instead of the awkward 'catchup' post I'm going to jump right back in where I left off.

Right now my mind is in the garden. Whilst the weather here is so gosh-darn soggy and cold it's hard to picture the abundance that is a summertime garden but now is the time to prepare and I am on a tight budget, so this next week or so I will be preparing my little greenhouse for sowing seeds in readiness for Spring. Only a few weeks away until the weather begins to turn and the air and soil get a little warmer.
I'm dreaming of a herb wheel, a fruitful veggie garden, cascading hanging baskets and blooming window boxes heralding summer! The time to start is now, and with a little investment in seed and raising mix I will be well on the way come late spring.
X Steph