Friday, July 6, 2012

Good things come in small parcels

Today we have an exhibition opening for our annual Small Works Prize, showing works no bigger than 30x30cm. The event is promoted as an affordable opportunity for artists to exhibit their work and enter to win a prize package worth over $700.
This year we have had 50 different artists submit work and the winner will be announced this arvo at 3:30.

I really enjoy this event as it encourages really talented people who might be lacking a bit of confidence to come out of the woodwork and show what they can do! I'm discovering Ballarat seems to be breeding some amazing, young illustrators at the mo'. Can you tell which piece I might have already snagged?

(from left to right artwork by Brooke Barnett, Erin Bond Matheson, Megan Palmer)

(artwork by Brock Sibley, Amelia Kingston)

The prize is a web development package including a website or webstore as well as a page on our website and an artist feature on this blog so stay tuned to meet the winner once they are announced! 

I have popped a couple of small papercuts into the show just to be a part of things... don't worry, I shan't be the winner, teehee. Here are my works entitled 'The Fox and the Hare'. Strictly it's a rabbit, but I like the word 'Hare' better.

Have a wonderful weekend, it's a worker for me but I will be day-dreaming of my upcoming HOLIDAY! Huzzah!

X Steph