Saturday, July 7, 2012

A small surprise

Sometimes things don't quite turn out the way you expect, and my vintage first aid kit adventure has been one of those times. I'm usually pretty good at working out all the deets when buying things online but the kit I purchased on Etsy arrived a wee bit smaller than I was expecting.
I mean, it's very cute but it isn't gonna fit all the supplies I had in mind.

Well never mind because look what my genius fella brought home from his work last week!

(artwork by my ace biz partner Marcia King)

What a darling... I'm so lucky to have a bloke that gets as much enjoyment out of old things as I do and we have had some great times rummaging through antique shops and junk stores together.

I'm looking forward to finding a home for this cabinet but it looks like Yorkie cat isn't convinced.

X Steph