Monday, June 11, 2012

works in progress

At the moment I have so many projects on the go all in various stages of completion. Artworks to finish, paintings to hang, community artworks to install, window displays to complete. I have been making so many fun things but have nothing really finished to show you.

The biggest work in progress for me is a long-term one. My home. My apartment has for many years been artists studios and a student share-flat, although I'm renting, I'm on a commercial lease which means two things.... firstly, I'm here to stay for a while, and secondly that I can remodel as I wish. And thank goodness for that!

When I moved in last year the carpets were old, torn and stained and the walls in serious need of a paint. The first step was to pull up the carpets and give the place a lick of white paint, including the lime green feature wall and fireplace. Next on the agenda is to sand and refinish the floors but at the moment the budget won't stretch that far and neither will my spare time to complete the work.

I know, I know, does a rental really deserve such love and attention? I suppose being such a visual person my surroundings are important to me and my home even more so. Although saving for our own home is on the agenda it certainly isn't on the cards anytime soon, so in the meantime I want to make my little rental house as cozy and 'me' as possible!

The process is slow, I have discovered that I'm the sort of person that needs time to develop an interior. But one project at a time I am slowly getting there and gradually more and more corners are looking they way I like them.