Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Night The Earth Moved

When I was a kid there were so many things I wanted to experience that in my adult life I now realise would be pretty terrible. I really wanted to break a limb, just so I could have a cast for my friends to draw on. I wanted braces on my teeth as I thought they looked cute. I also wanted to know what it was like to experience an earthquake.

I can still only cross one of those things off my list (the agony of braces). Last night there was an earthquake here in Victoria. Measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale at its center in the East of the state, here in Ballarat the earth shook for a few seconds just before 9pm last night. I didn't feel a thing. I sat snuggled under a blanket cuddling the dog absorbed in the cheesy 80's glory of Steel Magnolias, reveling in how ace Dolly Parton really is.

I'm sure I didn't miss much but my inner child is slightly disappointed in myself for not noticing that the Earth shook. My adult self is pleased that there wasn't too much damage and nobody was hurt.

Did the Earth move for you last night?

X Steph