Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Screen printed chevron fabric

A few weeks ago I made some fun curtains for our home. With our high ceilings creating a 3.5m drop, custom curtains are the only way to go.
A visit to Spotlights clearance rack yielded this backed curtain fabric just begging for a DIY chevron design.
Using a store-bought screen and contact paper here's how I applied the design.

 1. Gather your supplies.
You will need a screen, contact paper, fabric printing ink, Something to mix and store your colour in, a squeegee, a craft knife and some packing tape.

2. Prepare your design. Cut from your contact the areas you wish the ink to go through, stick the remaining contact to the inside of the screen and tape the edges to the screen so no bits of ink squeeze through.

3. Mix your colour, I made this custom gold using yellow, white and a touch of black to 'flatten' the colour.

4. Apply the screen to the fabric, blob on your ink and use the squeegee to scrape the ink across the screen, and back again.

5. Move your screen and repeat.

6. Allow to dry and fix using an iron.

One if my fave things about screen printing is the textured imperfections it can leave, I love its handmade look so didn't worry too much about the inconsistencies of this print, I think it looks fun and unique!
Including drying time this project only took a couple of hours, have fun making your own custom fabric!