Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artists Block

I really enjoy creating papercut images, my noggin contains endless variations of images to reproduce in papercut format, but give me a commission and I'm stumped. I get papercutters block, I'm stumped, stupefied and stilted. There is something about working to brief that I find terribly tough... the pressure, the expectation, knowing that someone else other than me has to like it. Eeek!

I have often thought about being a storybook illustrator but I don't think I would be much chop... unless of course the images came first and then the story!
I have been faced with this dilemma a couple of times this year, having to generate designs for the signal box and just this week to come up with some ideas for a local project of a pop-up shop. I had a play with a couple of designs for their promo and eventually began to loosen up and have fun. I'm crossing fingers they are liked, which is your fave?

X Steph