Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday Funday

Mondays are my weekend. This Monday my lovely Mr also had a day off so we set out on a day-trip sifting through junk shops in little country towns. I forgot to take my camera but managed to grab a few shots on my iphone.

It was so great to get out and about whilst most others were at work and hanging out with the fella is always fun! We had a blast singing along to the radio and having a chat, grabbing some AMAZING food in Castlemaine, perusing junk shops and thrifting in Marybrough and I think I scored some of the best finds EVER!

Having a day together without chores and projects to finish made me look forward to our holiday. The Mr and I will be heading to the UK for three weeks this July and it will be his first trip abroad, needless to say he is very excited and in a few weeks I will be too. But before then there is a LOT going on at Red Brick (geez, I'm giving caps lock a hammering today!) including our annual small works prize which is a biggie in our calender. More on that tomorrow.

I shall leave you with some pics of Mondays haul, how awesome are those letters?! They are about 50cm high and the best bit is they were only a dollar each! A dollar! Total score!

X Steph