Friday, March 2, 2012

Rugging up

Ask anyone in Ballarat and they will tell you how unpredictable the weather in this town can be. this time last week we were sweltering, several days later we almost got flooded and today, on the 3rd day of Autumn, we are still at a steady drizzle.
It looks like I was just in time to re-vamp the street furniture outside our little shop. Over the summer we have been loving this piece of street-art, but after a bit of... ahem... unsavoury defacing I thought it was time for a tidy up!
Remember last winter, I had a blast wrapping the city in some snuggly blankets? Well this tree stayed wrapped up warm until it was time for the council to put up Christmas decorations and became known as the 'Ballarat Banket Tree'! How cool is that?
 With Autumn making it's self so clearly felt I thought I would show you how we go about getting cozy over here at Red Brick.
What you will need....
Some cozy blankets. It's a big ask to knit or crochet on this kind of scale so I keep my eye open in our local op-shops, often these colourful handmade blankets can end up in the dog-blanket boxes! I love giving these bright rugs a new lease of life. Unlike my own crochet, acrylic is best in this case, retaining it's vibrancy and shape well.
 If you have plenty of time on your hands you can sew or crochet the blankets on but I find cable ties to be seriously handy! They are really tough so withstand attempts to remove them but can also be cut with scissors so aren't permanent and can be removed if said 'rugging' offends!
Here is me in cable-tie action on our main street!
Looks like I was just in time as look at the lake that grew around it a few days later!
Have a really awesome weekend!
x Steph