Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flower love.

I adore flowers. As well as enjoying nurturing our pretty garden here at Red Brick I love having fresh flowers in the gallery so you can imagine how delighted I was when a talented lady we know asked if she could provide a floral display for us!
Rachael is an accomplished artist who as well as exhibiting has made a beautiful picture book. Recently Rachael began working at a local florist and has fallen in love with flora... I, in turn, have fallen in love with her floral creations which, just like her drawing style are beautifully classic and elegantly simple.
 Over cups of tea and candle-light (very romantic I know!) Rachel and I had a really fun consultation session where we discussed colours, textures and light. Knowing our passion for window displays Rachael suggested building a window installation.
Taking the brief of  'feminine, ephemeral and un-fussy' I couldn't be happier with how well Rachel used simple elements to create strong shapes alongside pretty blooms and textures.
 I LOVE what she created for us! Rachael is working at Stems florist in Ballarat... tell her we said hi!