Sunday, July 3, 2011

Debbie Kolbe - greatness on our doorstep

"Debbie Kolbe is a Ballarat local treasure. Her passion is for working with silver and has a unique talent for repurposing your nanna's old silverware into amazing handmade designer pieces.
Our favourites are the sterling silver earrings that she makes from making molds out of antique teaspoons!"

We originally met Debbie Kolbe through Ballarat Roller Derby and we are so glad we did because we now get to to stock some of Debbie Kolbe's jewllery. It's really great when you meet such creative clever individuals accidentally and you only realise their talents through conversation and getting to know them.  Next time you are in a group situation... mingle, chat, get to know those around you.  You might uncover a hidden gem like Debbie :)