Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting my craft on

There are so many talented people out there making awesome things.  We see them come into Red Brick all the time and when we are really lucky they want to stock some of their mega cute stuff with us, which always makes me smile.  There is nothing more fun than walking into Red Brick of a morning and seeing the cute, colourful and fun things around me.  Brightens up my day.

I've tried making cute things before and I jsut can't pull it off. It's not soemthing that comes naturally to me so I think the end result often looks forced. I'm inspired every day by the stuff I see on the net and the awesome things people bring in for us to see but I have struggled to jump on the craft wagon and get successfully crafting myself.

BUT I had a crack the other day.  I had a bunch of old golden booksm, a giant guilotine and some left over paper.... so i thought to myself... cute sketchbooks ... why not!! lol

After a few cutting mishaps, where I cut too much of the book and swore at a few of the pages I came up with these ..... :D
This is a huge achievement for me because I'm a strange breed, the artist who isn't creative, who struggles to step out her charcoal portrait box and do new stuff lol.... so yeah I'm happy with my little creations :D
*Brag over* - Marce