Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lady Bellman

I have said it before, and I will say it again,one of the best bits of being part of Red Brick is the amazing and talented people I meet on a daily basis and Jess Bellman has to be one of my faves!
 Favouritism may be wrong, but this girl really doesn't give me an option, and I am extremely excited about her exhibition beginning tomorrow and have been taking a sneak-peek at her work in progress shots on her website.
Her paintings are seriously beautiful, but boy, they are a little thrillingly creepy too! 
Have you seen our website? I LOVE it! I will fess-up that some of it is still a little clunky as we are still learning how to use it! I do however, feel seriously indebted to the very talented Jess Bellman and her wonderful hubby Glenn who designed it for us. Its not very often that you get to work with someone who gets your vision in an instant and turns that vision into something a thousand times better! 
As well as exhibiting with us, Jess also has some design action going on with her equally talented hubby Glen, they do graphic design, websites n other great stuff and you can find them here.
To top it all off, Jess will be giving away one of her original oil paintings on her opening night tomorrow! Wow! To win, find Jess at her opening and quote "Great googly woogly!". How ace is that!?
Here is the piece entitled 'I'm with you' that's up for grabs!
Jess's show opens this Friday the 15th at 6pm and runs until the 28th of April. See you there!