Friday, February 25, 2011

New things

 Today I have been whiling away the day working on some crochet using jute. I love the stiff but pliable texture of the stuff.
 To make some nesting bowls

 I have been having a play with the shop layout here at the gallery as lately we have received HEAPS more stock form some great local makers and designers including....
Toria fashions with her seriously well-made, locally designed clothing range.
 Gorge and affordable jewelery from Lola and Bosco,

 These amazingly sweet hand-painted Babushka Baby pendents by artist Amiee Young.
Really cute teensy covered coat hangers from Pussywillow,

As well as her crochet purses made from the scrap-booked images from her childhood
 Local maker Claire Hocking has supplied some of her colourful little girls pinnys.
 And we now have in stock Frankie Magazines amazing cook books!

 And our own 'Screamstress' has been busy with some Able and Game as inspired by Jodie
It's always really great to meet makers and designers in Ballarat and beyond. If you are a creative type we would love you to touch base, pop in and say hello, add us as a friend on Facebook or shoot us an email!