Saturday, February 19, 2011


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Valentines window last week, I love a bit of schmaltz and all those lovey-dovey Valentines sentiments left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.
Today has been a lovely, slow Sunday and I have been planning for tomorrow when we will be building our new window. I have been taking the opportunity to make a mountain of these beautiful paper flowers.

I am constantly inspired by the amazing window displays created in London and Paris. Department stores Libertys of London, Harrods and Printemps are always enthralling me with their ever enchanting windows.

Real, inspired window dressing is an art form I miss. As a little girl I would love gazing at the spectacular Harvey Nicholls windows, sadly Ballarat is a little lacking in the window department (c'mon Myers... whats going on?!) so I have decided to bring a little Paris to Skipton St. This months window is inspired by Printemps, I'm sure you can guess the literary theme!