Monday, February 7, 2011

A Downpour

On Friday night we had our opening for the Red Brick Group Show, a really fun evening and a great opportunity for us to connect with so many different artist working in different media. The night also came to an exciting end when a deluge hit and water began lapping at our doorsteps!
We snaffled some sandbags from some local roadworks (thank you Ballarat council!) and crossed fingers for the night. Perspective is a valuable tool and knowing that so many people and communities across the country are suffering so much worse makes me thankful we are getting away lightly.
 (Image courtesy of The Courier... I couldnt share the pic they took of my car drowning!)
  So to be be positive, I really did have the best time last night. So great to meet and chat with so many artists and their entourages, family and friends. One of our visitors was Amy who graciously hosted us on her radio show The Tinderbox last week. Sometimes you meet people who are good at getting things done and Amy and her fabulous sister Lauren are those folk. Passionate about the arts and equally as focused you can hear these girls on Ballarats Voice fm, 99.9 on Thursdays from 6-9pm.
They are also running and an exciting project for Ballarats' heritage week and are currently calling for artists to participate. get in touch with them if you are interested.