Sunday, December 19, 2010


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 So I promised more on the beautiful work of Louisa West, well here it is. Entitled 'A Brief Interlude'
'Louisa West's current body of work is centered upon the alluring ambiguity of the face.  Her interest in Portraiture has derived from a fascination with its ever-changing purpose in the context Art history over a significant period of time.  Processes used are inspired by Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio, their bold contrasts coupled by obsessions with light. More recently, West has developed an interest in narrative sequences, which aim to capture fleeting moments that may ordinarily pass us by. 
 The works invite the viewer to look into the voids of light and dark, whilst still keeping the mark making visible to viewer.  This allows a sense of time passing in a deceased moment.  'A portrait is always a deceased moment, it is gone but remains.' 

Aren't they just beautiful!? As well as this current body of work, Louisa also has for sale a range of prints and cards of her sweet illustrations 'Bluebell". Available to purchase in store, I am so in love with these!