Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling inspired

This week I have launched myself into my new position with Leadership Ballarat and Western Region, it's one of those crazy transition periods that I seem to invite into life so frequently. Although there's an element of scrabbling to keep up with the new skills and information being thrown at me I gotta say I find it pretty darn inspiring! 
It might seem a far cry from the gallery but actually, right now, this job is so much closer to where I am focused and the things I really love in life; community, storytelling, connecting people and helping them find the things that they need to move forward. And, believe it or not, I think I will actually have MORE time to be creative myself! 
So what have I been working on? It must be nesting season for me as I have been repainting our home a little bit at a time, kitchen cupboards, bedroom, living space and creating and hanging artworks to match. I'm in love with a very soft grey called 'half concrete' it's so relaxing and calming without being predictable. Yummy.
In other news planning our wedding is coming along nicely but I think that's a whole post of it's own! 
What have YOU been working on?