Monday, October 15, 2012

Colour Inspiration

Spring is making it's self known here in the Southern hemisphere, a few teasing beautiful days have been showing their faces in Ballarat and I'm feeling the vibrant vibe popping up in stores this season. 
With neons making a comeback in the most amazing pastel-y kind of way I'm feeling inspired to paint! 
I'm never one to stick like glue to a material as I mentioned in the Pop-up shop interview with me, instead I like to flit from medium to medium, using whatever feels right at the time. It's been several years since I had an extended stint at painting but the mood is upon me now. 
Inspired by a glowing colour palette I'm softening it all down with some soft neural greys and loving it! Inspiring me lately is the colour palette of these beautiful driftwood sticks.

 Sticks by Jessica Turnbow

 From here
                                                             Available here
What's inspiring you this season?