Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vintage styling: 1950's eyeliner flicks

I love playing with vintage looks and have decided to share some little tutorials on how I achieve them.

1950's style eyeliner flicks have been a part of my everyday style since I was a teen and I feel like I will always be wearing them, regardless of time or fashion. They are so much a part of my look that if I don't have the 'flick' happening people ask me if I'm unwell... It's like they know I look funny but can't pinpoint exactly what's different!
I also get asked how I get them so even and perfect... The answer is "I don't". It's true, they are often a bit wonky but trust me, nobody notices. I thought I would share with you how I create my little flicks, I'm sure there are hundreds of tutorials out there but here's my method.

Excuse the odd frame crop... to get a decent close up I had to film myself in the mirror... yup.. I'm wily like that!

X Steph