Monday, June 25, 2012

Trophy Envy

I have never been the sporting type, I figure you can't be good at everything right? I really enjoy being active and love to kayak, walk and rollerskate but I have never been any good at team sports. I'm not sure if Australians are just really big on awarding trophies compared to their British counterparts but every Aussie I know seems to have a huge collection of trophies gathering dust in their home or garage.

I have never owned one single trophy. Not one! I suggested to my boyfriend that he should get me one for being such a fantastic girlfriend and was openly laughed at, the cheeky devil. When a little beauty caught my eye whilst rummaging through a local antique shop I snapped it up. I am now declaring myself 1956 indoor bowls champion!

I have my eye on a few larger beauties on Etsy and am inspired to use some in my home.

 Inspiration from here, here and here and here

Buys from here, here, here.

Do you own lots of trophies? What were they for?

X Steph