Sunday, May 20, 2012

Signal Box project

Earlier this year I was selected to be part of  a public arts initative, the project involved painting artwork on one of the cities signal boxes and mentoring a group of young people to do the same.
With the theme of 'Beautiful Ballarat' I developed artwork through the format of an intricate papercut featuring some of Ballarats landmake heritage buildings titled 'Beautiful in the Rain'.

Today I began applying the design to my assigned box just down the road from Red Brick Gallery. With the help of my wonderful assistant Mark we completed the artwork quickly thanks to some nifty prep work in the form of a large stencil and a balsa wood stamp. I LOVED the stamp and will show you later in the week how easy it was to put together. I'm foreseeing a textile printing application next perhaps?

A welcome distraction to the job came in the form of the many people that stopped to chat about what we were doing, friends and regulars at the gallery as well as people from the neighbourhood we hadn't yet met.

Here is a photo of Dawn, she and her husband built the house the signal box is outside in the 60's. Hasn't she got great style!? Se was so pleased to see what we were up to, and I'm reminded once again what I great neighbourhood we live in where everyone takes the time to have a chat. 'Country' city living is seriously under rated.

If you would like to paint a signal box in your neighbourhood visit the Urban Smarts website to sign up. It's free to participate and all materials are supplied.

I hope your weekend was wonderful, good luck with Monday!
X Steph