Thursday, May 17, 2012

Floral Friday 3.

In this weeks installment of Floral Friday I will be showing you how to use florists foam.
Readily available from florist suppliers and craft shops, this soft, crumbly foam comes in blocks you can cut easily with a knife.
To begin, cut a piece of foam to size and sit in a container of water to soak. the foam will act as a wick and keep your stems moist. Pop it into your container and top up with water.


I cut the flowers to short lengths using scissors and, beginning in the center of the foam, pushed the stem of the flower into the foam.
Working downwards in a circle I continued to push the flowers into the foam building a dome shape.

This type off arrangement looks great in multiples or I pushed a cute birthday candle into the foam to make a sweet table centerpiece for a birthday. 
I hope you have enjoyed this little series as much as I have, I'm now hooked on flowers and plan to have them on my desk in the shop all winter long.
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