Thursday, May 10, 2012

Floral Friday 2.

Ok, so I know it's no longer Friday but I haven't quite got the hang of scheduling posts yet!
 Following on from last weeks Floral Friday I will be showing you how to use readily available blooms to produce on-trend floral displays giving you some hints and tips along the way.

This weeks design trend is SUCCULENTS.
Succulents are popping up everywhere in garden and floral design, from informal centerpieces to bridal bouquets.

Alongside the blooms and foliage I used last week I also cut some succulents from my little garden to make this cute, textural display

A handy little trick to keeping strong forms within small arrangements is to make little posies, tying them in place them with string or ribbon. By allowing these little bows to show you can also add interest and texture to your arrangements.
 I used jute twine to secure the succulents, and using short stems of flowers I made a 'dome' shape which I also tied. Pop these little arrangements into your vase or jar ( I used a sweet little milk jug) and make sure there are no spaces. A snugly packed arrangement will draw attention to the forms you have created rather than the spaces between them, in the same manner keeping to a simple mono-chromatic palette (in this case shades of green) will highlight shape over colour.
 Finish the arrangement with a little bow of ornamental grass around the vessel.
With smaller arrangements you will need to top the water up more frequently, so keep an eye on your display and you can enjoy it for at least a week. Once the other blooms fade you can pop the succulents in well drained soil and they will grow for future arrangements!
X Steph