Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Craft it up this Christmas

We are keen to celebrate all things hand made this Christmas.  Who cares if it's a bit bung looking, have a crack, get crafty and have fun I say.  I've been looking around the net for some inspiration and there are some very clever Christmas Crafters out there that's for sure and then there are some who have just given it a bash ;) but go them :)

Whether it be to pass the time and entertain the kids during the pending school holidays or while away the hours on the few days your office shuts over Christmas or perhaps you just want to lock yourself away from the maddness that is too many relatives in an enclosed space over Christmas day and boxing day... this year let your inner crafter freeee and see what you can come up with.

Check out the cool Christmas tree over on larritt-evans blog... With all the timber in my back yard and lack of Christmas tree action in my house, I may need to steal this idea ;)

Here are some more Christmas tree ideas
Cut up some cards or get some cool paper
Made from Corks... yeah... have a wine or 20 and then get crafty ;)

Try your hand at crocheting or making your own decorations.

Marshmallows are handy for lots of things

Try some Christmas cooking... hey it's all creative, it's all craft, just because you can't get into crochet doesn't mean you have to miss out:)

The more Macabre or Zombie lovin' folks can get in on this action as well........

Or the totally whacky and unexplainable... for any one with a rubber chicken just layng around o_O

Whatever the reason, get into the season. Pull out the felt or make your mouth melt and happy crafting :)

PS send me pictures if you make stuff and I'll include them in our blog - Marce