Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biz Partner Brag

Steph Wallace, yes Red Bricks very own is a very clever lady. She's been giving me sneak peeks of the work she is doing for the her Red Brick exhibition in December. I'm very excited about it because I haven't seen much of this type of work before. My hand hurts just looking at all the cutting and stuff she is doing. Yep her exhibition is going to be made up of heaps of paper cuts, intricut (get it...:) designs that look so wonderful and I can't imagine having the patience to prepare myself.

I've been so intrigued by the process Steph is going through and the outcome, I've been surfing the net to learn more about it see what cool things people are creating. I would love to show you what Stephs been up to but I'll leave her to pop up some sneaky shots of her work. In the mean time I'll show you a few random pictures that I found on the net of paper cuts.


If you think this work is amazing... wait till you see Stephs... totally ace. Business Partner brag over - Marce