Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Awesome People and Groovy Stuff

On Friday last week Steph and I along with the lovely Angelique Kerr hit the city and went to the Life in Style trade fair http://www.lifeinstyle.com.au/index.html to find lots of awesome new products for the cool cats of Ballarat.  We had a gerat day and let me say we were NOT dissapointed.
I PROMISE we will blog about the cool stuff that we have decided to order and that is coming your way but for now you will have to wait and try not to wet yourself from the anticipation... yes... it is exciting enough for a bit of wee to come out .... what? it is!

Anyway, whilst we were at the Trade Fair, as well as seeing great products we met some great people... new and the familiar.  I had spoken many times to Wendy June via email and we already stock her beautiful cards but we finally got to meet her in person which was ace.  I managed to snap a crazed fan shot with Steph in it :) You should All check out Wendy Junes blog when you have a chance. Or her website: http://wendyjune.com.au/

Steph and Wendy June with Wendy Junes amazing creations in the background.

We also got to meet, Ask Alice  http://www.askalicestationery.com/
and Able and Game

Able and Game have some great fathers day cards we are going to get ...oops I let one of the surprises slip
There were so many stalls, so many products, so many great people making awesome things.  By the end our minds were about to explode and our feet a little bit sore but geez it was fun.  It was first time at a trade fair and it's a whole other world, I couldn't believe it.  Can't wait for the next one :)