Saturday, July 16, 2011

Betty Jo Designs visits the Haus of poop and doom

So recently I purchased a house, actually settlement was only a day ago so this excitement is only very recent.  It's been dubbed 'the haus of poop and doom' because it's one heck of a reno. Check out these photos of what it looks like.

 So now I've bored you with my squat, I mean new house I can go on to tell you about the fun and exciting news.   I had discovered when I first walked through this house a few weeks ago that there was heaps of cool old lino, so who else would I call but Betty Jo Designs to come rescue my cool lino and turn it into beautiful art work as only she can.

I'm so excited, Betty Jo came for a visit, so like every good crazy fan I took some photos as she wandered through selecting pieces of lino.  And even got to pose for a photo myself :)
Crazed fan smile from me on the right... oh wait that's just my photo face.
Betty Jo taking photos of the lino

These are only three out of about 8 different lino designs that we found in the House.  Each room had multiple layers and some weren't salvageable but I am so pleased that Betty Jo was able to take some home and could see a vision for it.  I can't stand seeing stuff like this go to the tip, to see it upcycled is so much more satisfying. Everyone should checkout Betty Jo's blog or come into Red Brick and see her wonderful creations.  Here's some examples of her work. She is so very very clever.