Sunday, November 21, 2010

So who is Red Brick?

Today I really wanted to post about our gallery space. Yesterday I picked up the keys, did some measuring and started to get excited. It really is the cutest space! However, in my excitement I forgot to pull out the camera so that post will have to wait until tomorrow.
So instead I thought I would do some introductions.
Hello, my name is Steph, I am otherwise known as Doily.
Some F.A.Q's and answers about me:
Yes, that is my real hair, not a wig.
Yes, I am English, sorry about that.
No, I know I look like I am 12, but actually I am a grown-up. I promise.

Now meet Marcia
I have seen her wear an awesome fake moustache.
She loves daggy musicals and fantasises about streets full of people spontaneously bursting into song and dance.
She doesn't know I have written any of these things about her.